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Orchid Cloud Is a platform aimed to help students or young people from disadvantaged backgrounds get a chance to start a career in coding. Students can choose go through a coding boot camp and upon successful completion, Orchid Cloud will support them in finding
apprenticeships, internships or work experience to help further their career.
Students will also be given a mentor and a wide support network. We aim to support all the way :)

As we become more and more dependent on technology, it is critical that more women take part in the creation process, as half of tech users are indeed females.

There are still untapped markets yet to be improved and new products to be developed by the technology sector. It is critical to bridge the gender gap, as the lack of youth in technology could further result in future technologies skewed towards an older market, still failing to tap into the needs of half of the population. More youth are needed in the technology sector, in order representative technologies that meet the needs of everyone in society, are formulated effectively and put forth.


Positive social impact and opportunity to increase CSR
Helping young entrepreneurs, graduates and people of lower economic backgrounds break into the tech industry
Broaden the recruitment funnel
Closer relationship with inner city schools
Provide leads for apprenticeships

Level 0 - Events hosting

'Company' provides a venue to host programming training, which are held weekly on wednesday evenings for a period of a month. Refreshments are provided for students, which included pizza and drinks.

This level is already in progress, and is being funded from the recruitment events budget.

Level 1 - Student Sponsorship

This would help 120 students who otherwise can not afford to have the means to attend. I have partnered with Generating Genius(I am their Programme Coordinator ) and Christ the King College to provide students to participate in this course.

Total sponsorship outlay over 6 months includes
● Developing course materials via UDEMY that students can access anytime
● Website hosting fees
● Paying speakers
● Also to help pay for ongoing business admin
● Also for my cost/time to run and develop course



“Driving Forward - Talk on Autonomous Vehicles”